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Hillpart was started in 1989 by its founder Frederik R. Hillebrants and is currently one of the most solid companies in its sector. Throughout its 25 years of existence the group has innovated in all its production lines, especially in its cosmetic collections, bath products and various manicure and pedicure complements. Likewise we are pioneers in marketing and distribution of mainstream brand licenses.

In 1992 the activity of Hillpart in the cosmetic sector takes its own form and identity through the creation of the Guylond brand. Today the brand has an outstanding presence both nationally and internationally.

The Hillpart group has centres inSpain, France and The Netherlands from where it carries out imports through Hilschip trading B.V., one of the companies in the group which has free port in Rotterdam.

From the beginning, Hillpart has worked with the most important distribution chains in Europe as well as its recent presence in Spanish Pharmacies as part of its expansion project. The capacity of reinvention and imaginative character of the company have allowed a perfect adaptation to the changes in the sector and market orientation, thus allowing its distribution and presence in shops and retail stores to grow. Likewise, Hillpart has incorporated online distribution and direct sales to its network.

Together with tendency innovation, technology and design, Hillpart also adds a deep knowledge and strictest application of all legal conditions for production and import, hence it only produces in factories which possess the GMPC certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetics). Therefore, Hillpart is synonymous of guarantee and professionalism as well as a versatile solution for the beauty sector.

Our group

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Since 1992 the Guylond brand has had a front line presence in international cosmetics. The notable growth in sales experienced within countries of the European Union and outside of these, shows a company evolution based on product creativity and investigation.

We produce a large range of high quality cosmetic accessories and products, which we distribute both nationally and internationally, made up of make up cases, bath products, make up brushes, hair accessories, manicure, pedicure and applicators. Visit our web or check out our catalogue.

We market and distribute eau de toilettes, cosmetics, bath products and accessories under license from mainstream brands with great international success such as Monster High, Hello Kitty, Pixar, Barbie, Disney, Sponge Bob, Betty Boop, Hot Wheels and Matel.

We currently create and produce, together with MGA Entertainment USA and Doma, new product lines and exclusive sets for sale in Spain for Bratzillaz and MotoGP brands.

Hillpart´s project bases its activity on creating its own licenses. In this sense we are developing brands like I Love HK or Marbella Polo Club which will begin commercialisation shortly.

At Hillpart we have a team of product specialists which study the specific needs of every particular client and each product category.

We then produce and personalise complete cosmetic, bath and accessory lines offering solutions for any market which seeks promotional offers, in order to increase sales and create a client base thanks to our quality and originality.

The process is completed when we import the product, going through all quality and health controls and dispatching to wherever your brand requires.

Our philosophy

Quality and reliability

We have improved our quality control processes to adapt to the new European Union control norms in order to continually provide a fully guaranteed product. We also possess the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, accredited by ENAC, which extends all our controls internationally.

Image and Innovation

Our long experience in the beauty sector has awarded a strong identity to our brand Guylond, the products and creations of which have evolved in full, together with fashion and market tendencies. Within Hillpart we have developed other brands which have allowed us to define new lines of creation.


Our experience in diverse types of commercial relations has reinforced our ability and capacity to fulfill with the highest expectations of our clients. Continuously seeking to improve conditions for our clients, we have automated our storage system and offer the possibility to invoice via Edi, as well as being pioneers in Spain in obtaining Ecoembes.


We offer the best prices without sacrificing quality in the least, which is a constant challenge for our group. Our ample database and knowledge of the market gives us an advantage on competition. We also study each case individually and in a personalised manner in order to always find the best option for our clients.

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    Frederik R. Hillebrants


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    Nathalie Alberola

    Marketing Director

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    Nacho Herranz

    Sales Director


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    Complying with all requirements and duly qualified in accordance with current legislation certifies our quality.


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At Hillpart we have been producing and distributing cosmetics for almost 25 years.
Experience has shown us how to satisfy each client.

Each year we innovate, creating new high quality cosmetic lines at a truly competitive price.

Likewise, with our large range of products, we make sure we fulfill the needs of our consumers.

Who does not already know Monster High, Hello Kitty or Disney Pixar? With them, success is guaranteed.

Hillpart distributes and markets the greatest impact brands on the market.
Ask us what you will, we are capable of adapting and combining our production with any brand, for any type of market which wishes to stand out through quality and originality.


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